Thursday, May 18, 2017

So much in such a short time

I imagine that for many people the days go by, one after the other, and we stop every now and then to catch our breath. To examine where we are. To try and smell some roses. Hopefully, we notice and enjoy the special small moments that really do make up this big amazing life. It can be easy to let these slip by unnoticed.

In a Huffington Post article dated November 4, 2010, Wendy Strgar wrote:

"We reveal ourselves most honestly and intimately in the smallest of interactions and the tiny incidents of daily routines."

I agree with her statement. These small moments are the stuff life is made of ... the bits and pieces that are the big picture. If we don't pay attention to them, we miss out on the incredible journey. And isn't the journey more important than the destination???

I am paying more attention to the details lately. I am using my big camera more to take photos with instead of just my phone. I am driving in the car without the radio turned on. And we are trying to get more "wind down" time in the evenings in our house.

Because these details are our lives.