Saturday, June 11, 2016

this AND that

Rather than feeling like I have to make a choice in every situation (i.e. this OR that), I am now going to frame my thoughts along the lines of having a variety of options.  That really is how life is ya know … we have options.  We all have choices.  And just because we say yes to one decision, or choose one thing, does not necessarily mean we are saying no to all other options.

Soon we will change from this …


To this …


I have made the decision that we are moving back to Alaska this summer.  In under 5 weeks actually.  I have found a new home for us in Anchorage – we have sold our home here in Carlton.  There are many reasons for this change, all of which are good and right, but it will still be difficult to make this move.

And while this is another big change for us, it does not mean we are choosing one OVER the other.  We are making this choice because it is the best decision for us with regard to living full lives with our families.  We have made amazing friends in Oregon – we are leaving behind friends that are family – but they will remain our friends and family.

Pretty simple.

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