Friday, May 20, 2016

In the past few months

Life these days are consumed by baseball, basketball, school, work and more baseball.


My boys love sports – they have so much fun! The above was taken on vacation in Washington State in March. It doesn’t matter where we are – as long as there is a hoop, the boys are happy.

Taking photos has taken a back seat in my life lately.  I miss having a camera in my hand.  I want the documentation of our lives. I love having photos to help aid our memories.

I have stopped taking photos.  I think this may be because I am someone typically crippled by too many options.  I have two cameras and a cell phone, but have not yet mastered backing up my photos continually, and feel overwhelmed by it.  I still take a few snapshots here and there, but nothing like what I used to take in my “former life.”

I miss it.  The photos.  Having the memories.  Documenting our story.  This is something that will take a more front seat role in my life.

Starting today.


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