Friday, December 2, 2016

Missing my Blog

Time is flying by!
I know ... many people say that.
But really ...

"The days are long, but the years are short."
(quote courtesy Gretchen Rubin - spot on!!)

Each day we go to school, go to work, do homework, pay bills, eat, clean up, do laundry, play basketball, write notes to friends, shop for groceries, and somewhere in there try to rest and sleep and daydream.  Then the next day we wake and do it all again.  And while I understand this is how most people's lives roll with children similar in age to mine ...

... this is not enough for me ...

I am not documenting the daily moments that make up the big picture.
And I miss it.

So where to go from here???

Today is a brand new day.  There may be clouds.  It may look dark when you walk outside.  But look up! The sky really is the limit!!!! You've never seen this day before so go out and get in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

And decide that you ARE MORE THAN worth it!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Alaska Observations

We arrived in Anchorage very early on Saturday morning, July 16th.  Since then we have seen a bunch of friends, started getting settled in our new home, had friends visit even, traveled to a few places, and attended the wedding of the year.

We have much to be thankful for …



We have done a fair amount of driving over the past few weeks.  During this time I’ve noticed some things that I may have (slightly) forgotten while living out of state for the past three years …

First, even though it’s pouring down rain outside and you can barely see neighbors across the street because it’s so socked in, the water hitting the roof is a beautiful sound.

Also, people often drive slower than the speed limit up here in the summer because of the beauty that is Alaska. While I totally understand that, I still curse the rubber-neckers.

The mosquitos did not relocate despite my wishing this with all of my might. And apparently the yellow jackets have over-produced.  (major understatement)

Being on the water (the ocean, the harbor, the river) is just as wonderful as I remember.  Even better now.

Summer in Alaska is warm.  Comfortable. Even hot some days.  And the air is fresh.  And the rain is beautiful!

The love that is family – and friends that are family – lives on despite years or miles or even experiences. My ties in Alaska run deep. Even though not all ties have been cultivated, they still exist.


Before I forget, here are some photos showing where our travels have taken us:

Uncle Brian’s on Horseshoe Lake


DSC_0874 (2)
Moose Pass / Tern Lake – Hall Wedding


Portage side of Whittier Tunnel

IMG_2273 (2)
My home – Valdez! And Grandma Rhoden!!!


It’s interesting to be able to say this even though we don’t yet have furniture in our new home … and we’re floating along the water in Prince William Sound …
but I feel grounded.

And it feels fantastic!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Together Time

It’s not every day that I can capture a scene like this …


and today I actually missed the shot!  But the boys sat back down when I asked them to so that I could capture the moment through my lens.


J Man (or J Rat as he’s lovingly known lately) isn’t feeling well, and so he isn’t running at full speed – in any sense of the word.  That boy slept most of the day.

Knowing this makes these photos even that more special.  Big brother knew what was going on and he was patient all day.

Will wonders never cease?!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

this AND that

Rather than feeling like I have to make a choice in every situation (i.e. this OR that), I am now going to frame my thoughts along the lines of having a variety of options.  That really is how life is ya know … we have options.  We all have choices.  And just because we say yes to one decision, or choose one thing, does not necessarily mean we are saying no to all other options.

Soon we will change from this …


To this …


I have made the decision that we are moving back to Alaska this summer.  In under 5 weeks actually.  I have found a new home for us in Anchorage – we have sold our home here in Carlton.  There are many reasons for this change, all of which are good and right, but it will still be difficult to make this move.

And while this is another big change for us, it does not mean we are choosing one OVER the other.  We are making this choice because it is the best decision for us with regard to living full lives with our families.  We have made amazing friends in Oregon – we are leaving behind friends that are family – but they will remain our friends and family.

Pretty simple.

Friday, May 20, 2016

In the past few months

Life these days are consumed by baseball, basketball, school, work and more baseball.


My boys love sports – they have so much fun! The above was taken on vacation in Washington State in March. It doesn’t matter where we are – as long as there is a hoop, the boys are happy.

Taking photos has taken a back seat in my life lately.  I miss having a camera in my hand.  I want the documentation of our lives. I love having photos to help aid our memories.

I have stopped taking photos.  I think this may be because I am someone typically crippled by too many options.  I have two cameras and a cell phone, but have not yet mastered backing up my photos continually, and feel overwhelmed by it.  I still take a few snapshots here and there, but nothing like what I used to take in my “former life.”

I miss it.  The photos.  Having the memories.  Documenting our story.  This is something that will take a more front seat role in my life.

Starting today.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Some Days

Some days I just don't want to be strong any more.
Some days I don't feel like "sucking it up."
Some days I just don't want to get on with daily life.

Some days I would just rather throw my hands up in the air ...

Today is one of those days.

The morning started off "normal" - whatever that is ...
The kids got ready for school.
Lunches made.
I got ready for work.
Stopped by the school for PTO business.
Got to work to "do my thing."
Chatted with co-workers.
Made some entries.
Papers all over my desk.

Then I received a phone call.
It started off with the dreaded statement, "I'm sorry to tell you this Ms. Gage ..."

The data on my external hard drive (that fell on the concrete garage floor last week) is unrecoverable.

Not.One.Single.Thing. can be recovered.

I think that is just crap.
And now I'm done adulting for the day.

Some days .......

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Moments are memories

Every moment we experience life is a memory created.

We've been blessed this past month to create a bunch of memories with people we love.

Even though we were away from home for a few days, there were others thinking of us and missing us. What an amazing feeling!

Remember to document your life. Make memories and give yourself the chance to recall them later in life.  Write down your thoughts - your family wants to know about you AND it helps them learn about themselves!

Even those old grocery lists bring back some great memories. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's a brand new year!

Happy New Year!!!!

Yes ... we are well into the year of 2016, and I'm just now posting about the new year.  There is no better time than the present!  Let's start now.

We finally have some sun in the lower west side of the PNW.  Yahoo!!!

Every new year is a brand new start - an opportunity to start new things and refresh daily life.  Update the thoughts going through your mind.  Revamp your diet if you're so inclined!  Give yourself a reason to make a positive change.

The truth is that we don't need the calendar to tell us when it's time to start something.

The time is now.