Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This kids says the funniest things …

It was in the evening the other night in the Gage Household, and time for homework.  The boys were working hard to finish their assignments so that everyone could go to bed at a descent hour.  Mom was doing chores – laundry at this particular moment – when the young one needed help with math.


After being presented a word problem, Mom tried to present the story in a similar fashion that might be more understandable to him.  The actual math question asked about the weight of carrots after using a portion for cooking.  Mom changed that to consider a number of apples left after using a few in an apple pie. When I asked him to answer my new question, he apparently didn’t see the correlation.

The response by the young one:

Mom, I don’t know!  Apple pie and carrots don’t taste the same!!!

Poor young boy.  He has much to learn.
How can one explain it beyond apple pie???

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