Friday, November 13, 2015

I did sign up for this.

I am the mom.
This is what I do.
Because yes in fact …
I did sign up for this.


(photo post mom cleaning)

Looking for Payton’s raincoat (again).
Scrolled through my memory.
I pulled back the cobwebs.

I have asked him to use a bigger bag.
He could put EVERYthing in one place.
But nope.

And what did I discover?
The bigger bag I was speaking of.
Hanging in the garage.
Empty save for a group of pens.
That were covered in something …

Oh … yea …
That would be melted chocolate.
A melted Hersey bar.
Probably put there this summer.
Baseball season.
Left to melt.
Through the layers of the Adidas bag.
Then harden.
Left for mom to find.
And clean.

keepin it real …

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