Thursday, June 4, 2015

And life goes on

I was feeling accomplished and happy this weekend!


I had spent some time playing with photos today and actually had the majority of a blog post typed!  It included photos and notes and thoughts and ideas …

And then I didn’t save the draft.

And it was gone.

Just like that.

And life goes on.


So now here I am struggling to remember what I was trying to say – what I was trying to share – what is really important about the day and this stage of life in our household.

And I just can’t remember.

I write random things down nowadays – but so much more seldom than I used to and I know I’m missing lots of little things.

And I miss not having that be a normal part of my life.


At some point I need to accept the new “normal” in my life. 

I can’t quite explain what it is yet, but this daily life that I am trying to live just does not feel normal or right … but it truly is my right now

And for having a “right now” I am thankful.


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