Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our Lives These Days


We play a lot of soccer.  Each of the boys practices twice a week and has at least one game each week – sometimes two.  Jarrett practices with Payton’s team sometimes.  He has even been able to play in a couple of big brothers games!  Even though he’s a bit smaller than many of the others, he holds his own quite well.  Jarrett plays soccer 6 days a week.  They’re both getting plenty of “touches” … which is a very good thing as any athlete knows.
How do you get better?
How do you learn?


Both boys really enjoy playing basketball.  Payton spent most of his summer days with a basketball in his hands.  He practiced shooting, making layups, dribbling and even some passing.  (Okay – maybe he was just throwing the ball AT his brother and not “to” him … still, it’s practice!)

Almost dunking the ball!!!  Well … not exactly.  He worked on his technique on a lower hoop in the gym … with floor mats.


Payton shares his birthday with two friends – the twins as we lovingly refer to them. Smile  This year the boys celebrated together at the school gym with about 30 close friends.

It was complete and utter chaos! 
And absolutely perfect.  They’re all ready to have another party … even though this one was just a week ago

DSC_0909 (2)

These boys just love to play!  They are so happy to be alive that’s it’s hard not to be happy when you’re with them.

I’m so blessed to be able to say these two boys are my children.  They make me proud!  And I learn from them all the time.

Scrap Your Story
Document your memories.
Take photos – print them – share your story.
You are the only one with your memories.
Share them.
Your children will thank you for it!!

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