Friday, January 3, 2014

Merry Christmas!! and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Starting the day off with a grateful heart … the boys woke up Christmas morning to a note that our elf Chipper left for them.


Chipper has visited us during the Christmas season for the past three years and we so enjoy having him!  Every morning we wake up to find what trouble he has gotten into … this year was no exception.

DSC_0674  IMG_5802  IMG_5829  IMG_5816 

Brother P actually woke up to a temperature of 104 degrees, but after some medicine and a little more time in bed, he rallied to join Brother J in the gift festivities … and Santa was more than generous again this year!


We enjoyed a very relaxed and quiet day … Jarrett joined the neighbors for a wonderful turkey dinner, while Payton slept off another rise in temperature in the afternoon.

It was a beautiful day to catch up with family on the phone and just be lazy and relax!


Every day I am reminded that I need to take more pictures.  Grandpa and Grandma Gage just visited for the week and it was wonderful to have them – but sadly I didn’t take enough photos.


We went to the Evergreen Museum two different days.  One day we spent at the Aviation Museum with the Spruce Goose.  The next day we saw two movies in their giant theater, and then walked around the Space Museum.  After that we went to the water park and had a great time!  We were all tired that evening.

We enjoyed lunch and dinner out a few times as well … Grandma brought gifts so we enjoyed a second Christmas … and we played some board games as well.  Fun!!!


Time to sign off … it’s time for bed.  The boys go back to school soon and I’m thankful for ALL of the teachers and school district employees!  They have quite difficult jobs and they do so very much.  Thank goodness for teachers!!!!

Make it a fantastic day and remember … document your life!!

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