Sunday, October 13, 2013

Something to Say

I read a blog entry the other day ( a few of them actually) and they all made me realize that sometimes I write and I truly have nothing of real importance to say.

What has happened to my mind?!


This is representative of how I feel when I try to sit down and write … I pull my hair out because I rarely can muster one complete thought … instead there are various small and random things running through my head constantly:

need to do the dishes
laundry still in the washer
toilets haven’t been cleaned
when was the last time I vacuumed???
boys need to read
client work is piling up
I need down time!
(what exactly is down time again???)
are the boys playing video games again?!

Then I have days like Friday … we took family portraits that I had actually purchased months ago, but never took the time to schedule and attend.  Finally I did and Friday was the day.

The morning was a bit challenging … the boys were out of school for in-service and they wanted to play … and nothing else.  They didn’t want to wear what I set out for them … they didn’t want to comb their hair … they didn’t want to drive an hour to get their pictures taken … and they really just didn’t want to cooperate in any way with Mom.

But somehow when we arrived and met our photographer, that changed.  And this is the result of that time:

131011BVCHGAGED_033 (2)

It was an amazing time … we have some wonderful and beautiful photos representing our family and we left there very happy.

It was a great day. Smile

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