Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thoughts on Blogging …

I miss writing … I don’t share our stories like I used to … my journal even misses me I do believe. 

Years ago I would share stories of our family and daily activities … those little things that make life worth it … and I printed the blog so that we can always look back on that part of our lives. 

I’m so thankful for that. Winking smile


Where do I go now?  Do I continue to share as I once did?  I really did enjoy it.  It was nice to have that documentation.  I would much rather scrap, but I just don’t … for some reason, I haven’t tapped into that creative part of my life since our move.

Our summer adventures have been so rewarding!  Extremely busy, but so much fun.  It’s almost time to start school here and while I’m ready, I feel like I want to catch up on documenting our past few months …







We’ve gone to the beach, played at the pool, taken a few road trips, had picnics at the park, ridden bikes, played with friends, enjoyed the company of many guests, shared dinners, gone to the lake, played games … it seems like we’ve been on a huge vacation all summer long!

Now that school will start soon, it’s time to set up our new routine.  Morning rituals of getting up at a set time, eating breakfast, making lunches, planning dinners and preparing for the day and week ahead.

I enjoy this time of year … change is good!

Not all change is welcome however.  Over the course of the summer, one camera decided to stop working for me and I lost my other one.

Sadness. Sad smile

So here I am learning to use a new camera.  Maybe this will be the kick in the pants I need to get back into documenting life.

new nikon

Here’s to the beginning of a new year!!!!!
(even if it is only a new school year)

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