Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Lazy Weekday Morning

School starts next week for us, and while I am very excited about that, I will miss these summer mornings of waking up and just playing.  Okay, well *I* haven’t been doing much playing during the week, but the boys have.  And I do remember those days from when I was younger! 

I’m so glad they have had a summer to just play.

This is what play looks like this morning:


And this is how we started out yesterday morning:


Berry smoothies and Brown Cow Maple Yogurt – MMM!

So already we have had the video games turned off in just the few minutes it took to load these photos … too much whining.

It doesn’t take much for things to change around here!

Have I mentioned I’m ready for school to start???

I will not miss hearing whining … and I just pray that the one younger monster does not do that with his teacher!!!!

Four more sleeps until school starts …
Four more sleeps …
I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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