Saturday, May 25, 2013

Internet Complaints

(this was created on Wednesday, May 22, 2013)

As I type this blog post on my computer, I have no internet connection.  When we first arrived at our new home, I was supposed to have an internet box waiting.

It was not here.
I called.
And I called again.
And finally after a week it arrived.

But it didn’t work.

A technician had to be scheduled, I had to stop working to meet him at the house to let him in and explain the issues.  He had to leave and run back to his office, then come back to get my internet set up.

Finally.  I am connected.

But my connection is so slow it takes over an hour to upload a group of photos online.  Not acceptable.

So I called a different company.  Oh sure!!  They told me they would have faster internet and a great phone package and even cable TV with plenty of channels.

The boxes arrive.
Easy instructions inside.
”Step 2. Connect Your WiFi Devices”
(yes, that is verbatim what the instructions say)

No internet.
I call customer service.
They show no signal.


So now I have no internet – no home phone – no TV – no connection whatsoever – no way to work from my office – can’t even pay personal bills – I sit and wait.


So much for living in the Age of Technology.
Think I’ll go put on my rubber gloves and wash dishes after I heat the water up from my living room campfire.

There is a reason are many reasons I don’t live in the woods.

(insert foul language and angry remarks here)

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