Saturday, May 25, 2013

Still Waiting

It’s Friday, May 24th … I’m still waiting to see if I can get Internet set up at the house.  A technician is here a I type this. I am crossing my fingers …


Okay … just spoke to the technician.  Apparently when my concrete was poured, the cable lines were not cared for appropriately (my words not his) and I cannot get service as of right now. 

There is something that is laying vertical and it should be horizontal (we get a lot of rain here – would easily access lines due to spout pointing UP) … that’s just one thing.  There are others I guess.  All sounds like a foreign language to me.


*** UPDATE ***
Those were old lines that were originally found!  Woohoo!!  There are newer ones that were accessible.  Replaced. 

Now the technician is searching for the splitter and access point inside the house to connect to all of the cable outlets.  Hmm.  Not in that wall … not in that one … oh HERE it is.  In the master closet ceiling.


Isn’t that where YOU would put it?!
(this guy is getting his workout today I tell ya …)


After 3 1/2 hours the technician finally made it through my laundry list of things to do here at the house:  internet, phone and TV.  Woohoo!!!!  We are connected!!!!!!

The TV connection seems almost odd – out of place – it’s been so long since we’ve used these things that I forget all of my options!

Thank you Mr. Comcast Technician (Michael) – you did a fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!

Internet Complaints

(this was created on Wednesday, May 22, 2013)

As I type this blog post on my computer, I have no internet connection.  When we first arrived at our new home, I was supposed to have an internet box waiting.

It was not here.
I called.
And I called again.
And finally after a week it arrived.

But it didn’t work.

A technician had to be scheduled, I had to stop working to meet him at the house to let him in and explain the issues.  He had to leave and run back to his office, then come back to get my internet set up.

Finally.  I am connected.

But my connection is so slow it takes over an hour to upload a group of photos online.  Not acceptable.

So I called a different company.  Oh sure!!  They told me they would have faster internet and a great phone package and even cable TV with plenty of channels.

The boxes arrive.
Easy instructions inside.
”Step 2. Connect Your WiFi Devices”
(yes, that is verbatim what the instructions say)

No internet.
I call customer service.
They show no signal.


So now I have no internet – no home phone – no TV – no connection whatsoever – no way to work from my office – can’t even pay personal bills – I sit and wait.


So much for living in the Age of Technology.
Think I’ll go put on my rubber gloves and wash dishes after I heat the water up from my living room campfire.

There is a reason are many reasons I don’t live in the woods.

(insert foul language and angry remarks here)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is what breakfast looks like for us these days … the boys sitting, eating … mom up and about doing a myriad of things.


This was taken with a camera that I have loved for years – a hand-me-down from Papaw Rog – I have taken SO many photos with it – good photos I think. Winking smile


But alas, the battery is about to kick the bucket.  It only stays charged for about 10 to 15 pictures … max.  Time to upgrade I think … but it makes me sad to say goodbye to this wonderful tool. It sure has held up well!

It’s a great day Internet world! 
ENJOY!!! Smile

Saturday, May 18, 2013


A few snapshots of Jarrett today …




Broken Record

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that I feel like a broken record.  Every day I repeat things … the same things …


This is the one said most often lately as we’re all fighting colds.  But it goes right along with “wash your hands!” and “pick up your clothes!” and “hang up your towel!” and “put away your toys!” …

The sound of someone sniffing actually reminds me of someone scratching their fingernails on the chalkboard. And when the boys sniff, I almost start to shudder.


It’s that irritating.

I try to ignore it … and I do for a short while.


Then … my patience wears thin … and I start to shudder.

And there goes mom … broken record!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Beautiful Day in the Life

Took time for lunch the other day at a little coffee shop downtown … ahhh … a break from my normal routine. 


Wait – what is my normal routine?  I don’t have one now!
I am creating it as I go.
And it feels simply amazing!!!!!

After this amazing lunch, I went to the salon next door to get my hair done.  Heather at Element Hair Artistry made me feel brand new again. Smile  Thanks Heather!!

Yesterday the sky felt so open – I felt free just by looking up.


Today is looking to be quite similar …
It is beautiful in the world today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!