Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh How I Love Small Town America

Today I went to the local post office to drop off a box I’m sending via priority mail.  While at the counter, the Postal Lady asked if I was expecting a box.  I told her that one had already been delivered today, but she went to the back to check anyway.  Sure enough there was another box for us!

post office

What an amazing thing – to have your name remembered – and we’ve only been here two weeks!

It feels good. Smile

After the boys came home from school, they played with the neighbors for a little while.  Payton read some mail from a friend and was oh so happy to have received this note!  We talked on the phone with family as well.

Now we’re all ready for bed – it’s dark and we have some homework complete.  A new day begins at dawn and we welcome whatever it may bring!!!

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