Friday, March 29, 2013

Change Your Shutterfly Settings

Hello viewers of our Shutterfly Site!!!  I apologize for all of the e-mail that is sent from here.  It is coming from Shutterfly, not from me personally.  BUT I can help you change your settings!

If you receive an e-mail every single time something happens to The Gage Family Shutterfly Site, here is how you can change that.

First you must log into your Shutterfly account.  (Most likely your user name is your e-mail address – you would have created a password when you set up the account.)

While you’re looking at the main screen, select “Members” from the top right corner.   (Example below.)

top right

Next choose “Edit My Settings …” which is the 5th item down the list. 

Find the third tab across the top of that window called “Email from site”.


In the middle of that screen there is a section with a list of choices labeled
“Send me an immediate email when someone: ”


You can certainly select a couple choices if you like, but this is where you adjust your personal e-mail receipt settings for this site.

I am sorry if your e-mail has been blown up when I load and name photos.  It is my intention to load photos here so that your personal e-mail account is NOT full of messages.

Please contact me directly if you have trouble changing your settings and I will do my best to help you.  Thanks for enjoying our photos with us!!!!!!

The Gage Family

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