Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Friday’s Untitled Post

The sky is opening up – the sun is just beyond a thin layer of clouds and the light is bouncing off the snow and making everything bright and beautiful.


This photo was taken last Friday, February 22nd. Today is already Tuesday and I am just finishing writing this post. Where has the time gone?

I find that my days seem to be getting shorter despite the fact that we are gaining more daylight every day. The sun is staying up longer – we are gaining over 5 minutes of daylight each day this time of year. I still seem to try and pack more in than the hours allow.

The kids have met some new friends down the street – people that recently moved in. They all attend the same school, but are different ages. It’s nice to see everyone playing together and enjoying themselves.


Kids are so resilient. When I slow down and grab my camera, I pay better attention to detail and I’m reminded how very easy it is to be happy and just enjoy the moments that make up our lives.

We took cookies to our new neighbor and visited for just a little while. It reminded me how good it feels to reach out.

I’m thankful for so many things today … especially the sun!!

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