Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Year … A New Start

It’s the start of another new year … according to the calendar at least.  What are your thoughts and plans for the next 12 months of your life?  Have you thought about documenting it with photos?  It’s a wonderful and fulfilling project to take on.  Check this out:

Capture Your 365: Methods

In 2009 I worked on this project … capturing a photo each of the 365 days of our lives.  I believe I took photos almost every day … except for about 28 or so.  I captured at least 11 months worth of living.  I began in January and followed through to the end of December and because of that we have an amazing album of memories to enjoy forever.


In February of 2010 my husband passed away – making this project that I embarked on in 2009 even more special.


Elaborate scrapbooking is not required …
I put some photos on paper backdrops …
Tried to make a few notes …
Cut some photos down to fit one week on a page …
This is simply a photo album … that’s all.

Do you carry a cell phone?
Most likely it has a camera feature.

Do you have children?
Your list of things to document are endless.

Do you have friends?
What amazing inspiration and motivation to capture!

Do you work?
Obviously you travel to and from there – what do you see?

Do you live and breathe each and every day?
Then you have more than you need to engage in this process.

And you will never regret it – I assure you.

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