Thursday, January 31, 2013


Among the many blogs I follow, The Happiness Project created by Gretchen Rubin is one of my favorites.


Gretchen shared this on her blog January 18th, and I totally agree.  So many of us don’t realize this, but I think it’s true.  We know what we like and what we don’t like … and yet we all have choices.  It’s up to each one of us to decide what we want to do.  Why not do what you like and enjoy???

Make today a great day!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

More than a Week Ago

Do not wish to be anything
but what you are and
try to be that perfectly.

St. Francis de Sales


It’s been more than a week since I’ve blogged … and I do miss it.  During the day I think of things that I want to say or write, but I’m usually driving or not able to stop and make a note.  So I’ve lost it.

My mind doesn’t stop, but I forget the great idea that I wanted to write about or the amazing thought I wanted to share.


It is my goal to write more – to share more – and hopefully use this as my journal to write about our lives.


The latest:  boys are ice-skating in school during gym class!  The temperatures are pretty cold, so I’m not sure they’ll be able to skate today, but we’ll be prepared just in case.

Payton is reading and it’s so amazing to witness.  I smile when I listen to him sound out words.  The world is opening up to him in amazing ways now!

Jarrett is quite the pistol with his iron-clad determination.  I finally was able to use some reverse psychology the other day with him and it worked!  Somehow I have a difficult time coming up with just the right words when I need to … something I’ll work on.

My office is relocating again, so we’ve sold about half of our furniture and are downsizing.  It will be nice to get into space that is a little more new with a few less headaches!


Remember to document your life!  Keep a pen and piece of paper always near you – write down a funny statement or thought that you know will brighten your day down the road.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Warm Weather Hits

The schools were closed in Anchorage yesterday … which is great for the kids and teachers as well, but not so great for the parents.  At least that’s how I feel about it.

Here’s a photo I found on the website of our local newspaper the Anchorage Daily News:


Beautiful sky!!  The end of the day brought a great sunset that I almost caught a part of from Payton’s bedroom window:


Speaking of Payton, that boy had a pretty big day yesterday! He got braces on his top four front teeth.  I was concerned about how those teeth were affecting his lower permanent teeth, so I went ahead with this adjustment. Here’s the new look:


He asked me not to post that photo on Facebook.  So I didn’t.

Here’s a little more proof of the crazy weather we had yesterday – I think even my truck was in shock!


It cooled off a little today to temps in the 30s and I believe it’s due to get a bit colder this evening.  Thank goodness for studded tires!

remember to document your life
write down your stories – for that is what your life is
moments and moments that create history

Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Try at Video Upload

Last night I tried to include this video in my last blog post, but for some reason had issues … maybe the time of day I was working on this had something to do with it. Winking smile

Let’s try this again … here is Payton and his team playing their first game of flag football for the season:

Okay! Voila!

For some reason I have to load this video up on YouTube first before inserting it into this blog … am sure it has something to do with “hosting” … interesting … I have learned one this new this morning and I haven’t even had coffee or showered yet!

It’s going to be a great day!!!

Another Birthday and Flag Football

My little one had another birthday … funny how they keep growing even if I don’t feed them all the time … (just kidding). Jarrett is now 6 years old … and quite the monkey still!  He told me the other day that he climbs like a monkey because he used to eat so many bananas.

I’m sure that’s the reason … he’s a pretty smart cookie.


Because his birthday was in the middle of the week, we had a family dinner and party rather than inviting all of our friends over.  (I reserve the right to take a rain check and possibly have a party at a later date … we’ll see.)

DSCN2983 (2)

Grandma, Grandpa, my dad and sister joined the boys and I.  It was a nice mellow evening.  And Jarrett received more toys.  Because we need more … apparently. Smile

This kid loves to celebrate – he got to wear a crown all day in school, so naturally he wore it at home in the evening as well.


Happy Birthday Jarrett Smile


The past week saw something else new for us … well new for Payton … flag football!!  He has already had one game and really enjoys it.  The rules are slightly different than regular tackle football (naturally), but I think Payton is catching on just fine.


The coaches on our team are the BEST!  All of the boys play well together and seem to be having a great time.  And THAT my friends is truly what it’s all about.

Here’s to the beginning of a great season of football!!!!!!!!
Yes, just as the NFL is coming to a close … perfect! Winking smile

p.s. I was attempting to load a video, but apparently posting a blog entry at 1 a.m. is unadvisable … I can’t figure it out … but I’ll try again another time

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Year … A New Start

It’s the start of another new year … according to the calendar at least.  What are your thoughts and plans for the next 12 months of your life?  Have you thought about documenting it with photos?  It’s a wonderful and fulfilling project to take on.  Check this out:

Capture Your 365: Methods

In 2009 I worked on this project … capturing a photo each of the 365 days of our lives.  I believe I took photos almost every day … except for about 28 or so.  I captured at least 11 months worth of living.  I began in January and followed through to the end of December and because of that we have an amazing album of memories to enjoy forever.


In February of 2010 my husband passed away – making this project that I embarked on in 2009 even more special.


Elaborate scrapbooking is not required …
I put some photos on paper backdrops …
Tried to make a few notes …
Cut some photos down to fit one week on a page …
This is simply a photo album … that’s all.

Do you carry a cell phone?
Most likely it has a camera feature.

Do you have children?
Your list of things to document are endless.

Do you have friends?
What amazing inspiration and motivation to capture!

Do you work?
Obviously you travel to and from there – what do you see?

Do you live and breathe each and every day?
Then you have more than you need to engage in this process.

And you will never regret it – I assure you.