Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Beautiful Explanation

I just stumbled upon this blog post (thanks to Becky Higgins on Facebook!!) and smiled because I was so eloquently reminded of WHY I enjoy scrapping.  And I was reminded that it's time for me to find my joy again:

Why I Scrapbook on One-Happy-Mama

I hope you are inspired to do something crafty and fun for you as well!!

happy scrappin'!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Needing a new routine

This time of year has always been fun for me … the beginning of a new school year!  It doesn’t matter that I haven’t been in school for over twenty … ahem … well, just a very long time.  It just doesn’t matter!

This time of year is always when I order a new Franklin planner system for the coming calendar year.

This is a time when there is serious learning going on all around the country.  It is a new season – fall is one of my favorites! It is truly a time to begin again.

And here I am.  Wondering how to begin?  I need a new routine.  I have entirely too many ideas of things I would like to do with a little time I have now that both boys are in school.  So far I have been sick since school started, then we had a pretty good storm hit, and I have a few projects that still need to be finished before winter.

BUT – I am still going to start a new routine.

And tomorrow it begins with exercise.