Thursday, August 2, 2012

One Thing I Miss

As I reflect every now and then and think back on my life "before" ... the life I lived when Alan was still alive ... I remember being thankful in my everyday living.  I was happy.  I thought about my happiness.  I wrote about it.  I took pictures documenting this happiness.  Because I took so many photos of our lives, of the boys, of the things we did, I was constantly reminded how blessed we all were.

Funny thing is that we are still so very blessed.  I have just not paid much attention to these blessings.  For too long I have spent time trying to "keep up" and to make sure I'm taking care of all the little things that we encounter in life.  However I'm not taking good care of me and that includes being thankful.  This is such a powerful thing!!  It's also something I definitely want to teach the boys, but I can't teach it if I don't live it.

One thing I have tried to do recently is say "no" more.  There is no way that I or we can participate in everything we are invited to, or take on all the work I learn about, or get the kids involved in all opportunities available to them.  I cannot possibly keep the house as clean as I would like or scrap all the great photos I capture.  There is just no way I or we can do it all.

But if I do take the time to reflect on what we have - what we are blessed with - the amazing life we have been granted here in this great United States of America - I am reminded how wonderful and truly amazing my life has been and is becoming.

And I smile.

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