Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This morning I am thankful for family and friends.



I will enjoy this day and keep in mind how easy it is to just smile.
(or, in Jarrett’s case, not …)


Today will be a great day!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My 2nd Grader


This year I have a child in second grade.  WOW!!  This makes me shake my head and wonder “where has the time gone?” and then I remember … “the days may be long, but the years are short”. 

It really was just a short time ago that I was changing this boys diaper – watching him pull himself up on the couch before learning to walk – helping him learn to get dressed all by himself.

Those days of slow but continuous practice are over, and now we are in the midst of him figuring out so  many things for himself.  This will last many years I am sure, and I am so proud of what he has learned and accomplished this far!  He loves to learn so that helps a great deal. Smile

Next week the baby in the family begins Kindergarten.  I will not be crying as I leave him in the classroom on the first day of school.  I may actually be jumping for joy!  But then I head to work, so the reality of this event will not sink in for a few days.  When it does, I may shed a few tears.

I gladly look forward to that time to grieve.  And I smile just thinking of how I will enjoy this opportunity!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunday Brunch

On Sunday I had a few friends over just to visit and do some crafty things – some of us had our laptops on and worked with photos, some played on their phones, one person worked a bit, we all shared food, and one person even read the paper! It was a nice time to just be together. We shared ideas, interests, websites and helped each other learn how we navigate various information highways on the internet. Fun stuff!


These were yummy little numbers I made from a new book I’m trying out called “Just Tasting” – I found it here online:

Libbey – Just Tasting

Since not everyone scraps the same way, I figure this is still a way to gather now and then and share ideas.

It was fun. Smile

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time … We All Have the Same

We really do all have the same amount of time in each day.  We have the same number of hours, the same number of minutes, the same number of seconds. Obviously our time on earth varies for each of us, but when is comes to scheduling and planning, we really do all have the “same”.

What matters is how we choose to use that time.


Sitting and soaking up the calm in life is something I do very seldom. With my camera for some reason I do it a little more … so here’s to more scheduled calm in life!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Final Camping Day

This was written earlier as we didn’t have internet on the trip.


This is our last morning in the RV – we leave today to head home – what a wonderful weekend we have enjoyed!

The boys love camping as much as I do – just as long as we have electricity and plenty of room for all of us to spread out a bit. Not having internet is a pain for me because I like to post pictures … and I read a lot online.  It’s good to slow down a bit and get away from those things too.

Our friends Michele and Ian came to join us for one night, although I couldn’t get them to sleep in the camper with us.  They woke early because it was a bit cold in their car.  It was cold in the camper too, but we turned on the heat.

This may have been our last camping trip of the season.  School starts soon and then homework and sports … oh how crazy life can be sometimes.  But weekends like this help us slow down.  For these, I am grateful.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Memories Made


Yesterday we spent time together and celebrated not only where we have been, but where we’re going.  Cherished memories – took time to remember and share – enjoyed food and drink – and made a few more memories.

We are eternally grateful for amazing friendships!!!!!!!

Make sure to tell those in your life that you love them. Red heart

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Note from the Universe

I received this message from "the Universe" this week and thought it was a good one to share:

Options multiply when insistence lessens.

Powerful stuff.
Want to receive your very own messages?
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Friday, August 3, 2012

A Beautiful Start

Today is going to be a beautiful day!!!


The back yard is already full of sun – and the view from my office is simply amazing:


The quiet in the house while the boys sleep is so relaxing – I still love to take photos of the two of them asleep:


Well, that was short-lived.  I believe I had about seven whole minutes to myself before the wild rumpus began. Smile

Now we’re ready for the world!!!!
Enjoy your day – and be thankful for life.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

One Thing I Miss

As I reflect every now and then and think back on my life "before" ... the life I lived when Alan was still alive ... I remember being thankful in my everyday living.  I was happy.  I thought about my happiness.  I wrote about it.  I took pictures documenting this happiness.  Because I took so many photos of our lives, of the boys, of the things we did, I was constantly reminded how blessed we all were.

Funny thing is that we are still so very blessed.  I have just not paid much attention to these blessings.  For too long I have spent time trying to "keep up" and to make sure I'm taking care of all the little things that we encounter in life.  However I'm not taking good care of me and that includes being thankful.  This is such a powerful thing!!  It's also something I definitely want to teach the boys, but I can't teach it if I don't live it.

One thing I have tried to do recently is say "no" more.  There is no way that I or we can participate in everything we are invited to, or take on all the work I learn about, or get the kids involved in all opportunities available to them.  I cannot possibly keep the house as clean as I would like or scrap all the great photos I capture.  There is just no way I or we can do it all.

But if I do take the time to reflect on what we have - what we are blessed with - the amazing life we have been granted here in this great United States of America - I am reminded how wonderful and truly amazing my life has been and is becoming.

And I smile.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fishin Alaska Style


Payton went on his first halibut adventure with Grandpa Lee last week and look what he caught!  This fish was about 24 pounds (about half his weight). 

What a great experience.
I’m so proud of him!!