Monday, July 9, 2012

thoughts on travel and expectations

Before I started typing this post, I came up with the title.  Now I feel a bit obligated to explain where that came from, but not quite yet.

Recently we visited Auntie in Homer and had a wonderful time.  The drive was only about four hours, but with stopping it took five hours to get there and six hours to get home.  I was certainly tired of sitting.  And the boys were even more tired of being cooped up in the truck for so long.

After we arrived, we stopped at the top of the hill to take photos of the amazing view.  Mountains all around … the ocean … trees and plants and flowers … it’s simply breathtaking.


Yes, even children fighting were captured in the lens!

Janel came to see us at the hotel after we checked in.  The boys tossed a football while Grandpa and I unloaded a few things.  It was great to be out of the truck.  It was so nice to see Auntie!

We ate great food, played outside and explored the area, did a little shopping, got completely wet and dirty, explored the beach, counted eagles and sea otters, took photos and played at the park, drank coffee and enjoyed time with family and friends.

It was a wonderful weekend.


When I step back and remind myself to live in the moment and enjoy what is right in front of me – when I take the time to breath and inhale all the goodness around me and recognize that life is not good or bad, it is just life – I experience so much more joy in living.  I realize how blessed we truly are and I am thankful.

I realize that any expectations or plans of how things might or should go do not really matter … what matters if life.  And truly living.  And wow this is a wonderful beautiful amazing world we live in!!!

Those expectations I might have had really don’t matter at all.

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