Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weather and Crazy Hair

Last night it started raining – sprinkling mostly – and of course it started before we went to baseball.  The game turned out fine – we didn’t get very wet – it only sprinkled a little bit.  Thank goodness!

After getting home and (finally) getting ready for bed, I heard it coming.  The noise of water – more rain.  REAL rain.  This is what I call “Valdez style” rain!


The sound was SO loud!  The neighbor’s gutter was overflowing.  Rain was bouncing off the street.  It was pounding on the roof.  And it smelled so delicious!

There is something about rain that makes me smile and exhale.  It brings about a calm for me.  Not every time I see it of course, but I believe it takes me back to younger days.

My Grandma Ethel would open her kitchen door when it rained and let the fresh smell in her apartment.  I took naps in the kitchen on a day bed, and loved it.  I always slept good there.  (I was looking for a photo of that kitchen and I’m sure I have one somewhere … just can’t put my fingers on it right now.)


Crazy Hair Day in Jarrett’s class …


I took Jarrett to school with his hair pulled up with wax in the form of a mohawk this morning … however they got a little more crazy at school today.  He had a great time with hairspray!!!

I guess the blue color was almost out, so he used his other favorite colors.  Let me tell you how much fun that was to wash out this evening!  Okay, maybe I’ll save that story for another day.


Since we have created a little more space in the office, we now have room to nap here – or read – or visit – or just sit together on the floor.


We were doing all three things on Monday afternoon.  It was so nice to have a “down day” at home.  No big plans – nothing we had to do – time for just us – and room to enjoy ourselves.

Here’s to more sunshine and smiles this week!!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Clutter and Space

Just read this article on Yahoo about clutter and it made me tilt my head.  I can relate to everything the author writes about.  I encourage you to read this and think about how it might apply in your own life:

Why Clutter Matters and De-cluttering is Difficult

In the past couple of years, I have removed quite a bit of clutter from our home, however there is much more that could be done.  In time … one day at a time.

The feeling of calm that came over me once I made it through one closet, or one room, or even one section of space was truly amazing!

There are many things I will hold on to for of various reasons.  I have saved quite a few tubs of things for the boys when they get older … things that used to belong to their dad.  I will always save photos.  Those cannot be replaced.  I will save things of the boys as they grow up and when they get older, they can determine what to do with the mementos.

Think about what not only clean and organized space does for your sanity, but a clutter free living space.  Does it make you smile?  Does it sound like an unreachable goal?  Get a partner – ask a friend for help – take a few steps to make your life a little more simple and test how it feels.  You may not ever go back to the way life was before!! Smile

Monday, June 25, 2012

Payton lost another tooth!!!

There he goes again … making another milestone!  It has been a few months since his last tooth fell out.  Or should I say “since he pulled it out” …

IMG_9646 (2)

But it seems every time I turn around, this boy is doing something to surprise me … make me take note … remind me that he is growing every single moment.

Sometimes it scares me how fast this thing we know as childhood is passing us by.  We are living … we truly are living and experiencing the moments. 

But as I think back on the week – the month – the year – the past few years – it makes me shake my head to think about how fast the time has gone.

It really wasn’t so long ago that our family consisted of 4 people instead of just 3.  It really wasn’t that long ago that little man was born, and before that his big brother.  And before that, it wasn’t so long ago that we bought this house and before that Alan and I married.

And before that we played and were young and free!


Time sure flies …



Yesterday was my birthday and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! I was blessed with many Facebook messages and texts and phone calls from friends.  We were outside most of the day and had dinner with friends.

I am blessed to be able to say that I can count on more than one hand – more than two hands! – all of the real good friends in my life.  Life is amazing.  I am thankful.

Each year that I get older I am reminded that my birthday is a special and fun day, BUT the entire week before and after are also pretty darn fun and amazing.



This little visitor has been hanging out in our back yard:


We left him a carrot this evening, but he seems to prefer the clover.  It’s a good thing because we have a LOT of clover that he (or she) is more than welcome to eat!


Have you had the creative bug you lately?  While I have been hit and bit and scratched and clawed at by said bug, I have not followed through on these messages UNTIL this evening when I slammed some pages into Payton’s activity binder.  He went to camp a couple weeks ago, and thankfully I remembered to take some photos.


Documenting life … writing down our stories so we remember as much as we can … this I truly enjoy. Smile


Hope you’re enjoying the summer!!!

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