Sunday, February 19, 2012

weekend review

another new discovery was made today courtesy of Dave Ramsey – I listen to Dave’s podcasts occasionally (you can subscribe to these and download them for free through iTunes) as well as CDs that I acquired through taking Dave’s Financial Peace University … if you haven’t heard me talk about that yet, then we must not have spoken in a while…

back to my story … I searched online for Marcus Buckingham’s “Trombone Player Wanted” and oh what a great find!  this is definitely something we all should listen to and think about and share with our children … if you navigate to the site yourself, scroll down about halfway to see the videos … they are amazing!  I also saw a short clip on You Tube, but the main video can be seen here:

Trombone Player Wanted

do you think much about your beliefs?
you might want to – they make up your reality


this weekend was one I spent scrapbooking with a group of crafty gals out in Wasilla – we stayed at a wonderful place called Pioneer Ridge and it was so nice to relax for a couple days – I put together quite a few pages of photos and memories

success was achieved simply by doing – there is no measure of “how much” – it simply isn’t necessary – here are a few photos of what I brought home:




yes, I’m using divided pages a lot now in my albums – and I’m still “scrapping off the top of my desk” – this is my way of saying there is no rhyme or reason to the order with which I put photos and memories in an album – if it lands on my desk and doesn’t belong in a specific album I already have started (birthday books, school album, holidays, etc.), then it get tossed into this book

questions you say?  I have a few answers …

have I started Project Life by Becky Higgins?

do I have all the material I need to do that?

am I still following through with “Project 365”?
yes (you’ll just have to google that phrase to find out more)

am I scrapping all of my photos?
no way!

I enjoy the craft – it’s important to me to preserve the memories I have for my kids as they grow up as well as for future generations, but I’m doing it my way – I feel that’s what’s best for each one of us

if you haven’t taken the time to check out some things by Stacy Julian, you should – she is simply inspiring! and she puts into words things about scrapping that I can’t seem to phrase in an understandable way

many of our “reasons why” might be different, but I bet there are also many that we share – find out your reasons, and you’ll see your craft in an entirely new way



enjoy your day!!!


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