Monday, February 20, 2012

more creative stuff from the weekend




after this weekend I decided that instead of trying to prepare specifically for a weekend scrapbook getaway or evening crop, I plan to gather items and put my own kits together here in my office … this way when I do have a little time here and there to scrap, I already have product put together that matches … it will be a huge bonus when I do go to work at events away from home!

happy scrappin!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

weekend review … corrected


it appears I forgot to link a video in that last post – let’s try this again:

Trombone Player Wanted

weekend review

another new discovery was made today courtesy of Dave Ramsey – I listen to Dave’s podcasts occasionally (you can subscribe to these and download them for free through iTunes) as well as CDs that I acquired through taking Dave’s Financial Peace University … if you haven’t heard me talk about that yet, then we must not have spoken in a while…

back to my story … I searched online for Marcus Buckingham’s “Trombone Player Wanted” and oh what a great find!  this is definitely something we all should listen to and think about and share with our children … if you navigate to the site yourself, scroll down about halfway to see the videos … they are amazing!  I also saw a short clip on You Tube, but the main video can be seen here:

Trombone Player Wanted

do you think much about your beliefs?
you might want to – they make up your reality


this weekend was one I spent scrapbooking with a group of crafty gals out in Wasilla – we stayed at a wonderful place called Pioneer Ridge and it was so nice to relax for a couple days – I put together quite a few pages of photos and memories

success was achieved simply by doing – there is no measure of “how much” – it simply isn’t necessary – here are a few photos of what I brought home:




yes, I’m using divided pages a lot now in my albums – and I’m still “scrapping off the top of my desk” – this is my way of saying there is no rhyme or reason to the order with which I put photos and memories in an album – if it lands on my desk and doesn’t belong in a specific album I already have started (birthday books, school album, holidays, etc.), then it get tossed into this book

questions you say?  I have a few answers …

have I started Project Life by Becky Higgins?

do I have all the material I need to do that?

am I still following through with “Project 365”?
yes (you’ll just have to google that phrase to find out more)

am I scrapping all of my photos?
no way!

I enjoy the craft – it’s important to me to preserve the memories I have for my kids as they grow up as well as for future generations, but I’m doing it my way – I feel that’s what’s best for each one of us

if you haven’t taken the time to check out some things by Stacy Julian, you should – she is simply inspiring! and she puts into words things about scrapping that I can’t seem to phrase in an understandable way

many of our “reasons why” might be different, but I bet there are also many that we share – find out your reasons, and you’ll see your craft in an entirely new way



enjoy your day!!!


a post for 02.13.2012 – two years

there are so many things I wanted to write on Monday, February 13th … things that I just simply couldn’t put into words on that day … I was completely consumed by emotion … overwhelmed actually … I have no idea even today what words to use to describe how life feels right now with Alan gone

what I do know is this:
we are fine
the boys are healthy
they are happy and smart and fun
just like their dad Smile
we are living
we are planning for the future
we miss him terribly
life must go on

last year the days leading up to the first anniversary of his passing were painful … horrible … and then on the actual day, it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it might be … as I look back now, I know that by the time February 13, 2011 rolled around, I was already emotionally drained … sucked dry … I had nothing more to release

this year caught me off guard – I knew not to plan anything for that day – the boys and I visited Alan’s grave site on Sunday after church – we all enjoyed being there with each other – just us

when Monday came, we got ready for our day, school, work etc. and life was normal … after I dropped off both boys and was alone with my thoughts, the tears came … and stopped for only brief periods throughout most of the day – I tried to work, but lasted under an hour – my sweet friend Julie took me to lunch, so I escaped for a short while – I had a massage scheduled, but it didn’t help – it was merely a break from the pain

the only thing that can make me feel “better” is Alan coming back to our family – since I’m sure God’s mysterious ways don’t work quite like that, I’ll have to wait a while to see him again


and life goes on …


this is something I discovered today courtesy of CaptureYour365 … this is an amazing look at where we are as a society from one artist’s point of view … and what we pay attention to … I hope it makes you think at the very least … enjoy:

this made me think about the actions we take each and every day just at home … what we consume … what we throw away and how we could consume differently …


Im scrapping this weekend my therapy Smile 
it’s a beautiful thing!!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

one month down … eleven to go!

it’s official …
January Project 365 is in the books …
it’s a wrap!
did I actually take one photo every single day?
um … not exactly …
some days I took more …
four days I took none Sad smile

but I say 27 out of 31 ain’t bad!
that’s 87.0967741% of the time for you math geeks
(yes I can say that – I am one myself)
here’s a small taste:

2012 Project 365

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

all shapes and sizes

it has been said before (a time or two … or three …) that we learn something new every day … or maybe it has been said that we “should” learn something new every day … I can’t remember …

anyway …

2012 one little word

my one little word for this year is learn so as I write this post it occurred to me that I haven’t stopped to think about what it is that I have learned in the past few days … and who even cares about the past few days now, I’m thinking of today?!  what have I learned today???

maybe what I learned today is not something new, but a friendly and gentle reminder of things I already know …

I learned that:
love really and truly is stronger
than almost anything else
in life
people honestly
make mistakes
without trying to be mean
most people don’t go
out of their way
to hurt others
others are focused
on their own lives
and not how they
are affecting yours
my kids love me
despite the fact that
I make errors in
the parenting department
I am unbelievably blessed


I shared the video below on Facebook earlier, but can’t help sharing here as well. 

Stacy Julian, author of The Big Picture and Photo Freedom as well as “former editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine (now laid to rest) and founder of online education at Big Picture Classes, does such a fantastic job explaining why scrapbooking is not exactly why you might think … scrapbooks come in all shapes and sizes!  And you can do this!!!

Take a look at this video – see how easy and fun this is and what a great tool you are creating for your kids.  Yes, you read that correctly … I wrote the word “tool” … this could be just what you need to get your family communicating better or more … sharing memories is healthy … give the video a look and see:

See what I mean?????  Pretty Neat Stuff Winking smile


It’s 10:00 and the kids are asleep, it’s quiet in the house, and I’m sitting down to catch up on some work.  Before I do the stuff I “should” be doing, I’m going to play with a few photos and prepare for my next craft project.  I have to incorporate the fun whenever I can – especially when the house is quiet.