Monday, January 23, 2012

items from our menu

does your family have a special menu?
I mean special words for foods?
things people ask for that not everyone understands?

I ask because we do … all made up as the kids grew and chose names along the way that made sense to them … this is a short list:

paypakes (pancakes)

Payton coffee (chai tea)

Grandpa eggs (eggs over easy that Gpa Jim makes)

Payton wine (sparkling grape or apple juice)

Payton beer (V8 juice in small can)

yes … a theme … Payton named many of these …

oh, there’s also this one that Jarrett named:

curly noodles (ramen)
no haters … my kids eat ramen sometimes …

so there you have it … maybe we should start a restaurant?

or then again … maybe not …

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  1. Fun names the boys have come up with...

    We have a few ourselves ....Chris ate little trees =broccoli and I still call brussell sprouts by the term my Grandpa Charlie called them =horse turds...


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