Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yes, it’s official …

I don’t like these winters.

The snow is so pretty when it’s coming down from the sky and blanketing my yard, the neighborhood, the town.  Shoveling has not been fun.  And I can’t lie – I am not enjoying winter as I once did.  But I do enjoy the beautiful landscape when snow covers everything.

When the temperature gets warm in the winter?  Not pretty.


Yesterday it started raining in Anchorage.  You read that right, but I can say it again for you – it started raining in Anchorage.  This after quite a bit of snow the past month … about 3 to 4 inches of ice in the streets that we drive on.

What does that look like in Alaska in the winter you ask?
Let me show you …


The above photo was taken today around 8 a.m. looking down our street.  How does one drive on streets like this?  Well, you don’t really drive … you just slide.  Simple.  Oh, and pray that you don’t slam into the neighbor’s car or living room.………………………………………………………………

So instead of running a few errands or visiting friends after church, we came home.  (Yes, we did make it to church today.  Once you get out of the neighborhoods, most streets are just wet with no ice.)  Little Man J is sleeping (an answered prayer) and Little Man P is playing with goo.


I am in the office working on cleaning my desk … again.  For some reason the ability to maintain anything in my life is just not currently possible.  I’m sure the technology does exist, however I am currently unable to harness it.

Time for my own nap.
I’m thankful for Sunday afternoons.

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