Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thought for Today

While it's often fashionable to dwell upon what might have been, what's usually overlooked is that really and truly, it couldn't have.  Because, invariably, any romanticized versions of how things "might have been," are based upon fictionalized versions of the past.

You see, most of the time when people think the present could have been different than it is, it's because they think the past was different than it was. Happily, the future can still be anything, when you surrender to the details (and who has to do what).

compliments of TUT – thoughts become things – choose the good ones!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Thankful Time

It was a weekend full of fun time with family and friends … a time to be thankful and remember all of the things we are blessed to experience in life.  Our weekend was a good one.  How about yours?

Payton lost another tooth!  Pulled it out by himself the other day – despite my offer to get it for him.


Our Thanksgiving Day celebration was held at Grandma Lori’s this year.  It was a nice day spent with family and friends and of course wonderful food.  It was so nice of Grandma to host us this year – thanks Lori!!



I didn’t get a photo of the table filled with food, but rest assured there was more than enough.  So much that we couldn’t fit it all on the table!  The kids sat at a separate table also.

We are blessed.





The boys got to stay the night at Grandma’s on Friday night as I had a scrap getaway.  My friend Michelle hosted an event called “AIW” or Album in a Weekend.  It was so much fun!  Of course there were choice beverages joining us:  coffee and Baileys as well as Tanqueray.  Oh, and did I forget chocolate?  No, actually I didn’t.  We had lots of that too. Smile

I plowed through all five of my kits and premade enough pages to fill an entire album.  I’ve decided this will be my “2012 Best of the Best” – I’ll put just the best photos in here from this coming year – 2012.  WOOHOO!  Just one more thing off my long list to do.

Here are a couple photos from this weekend:

2011.11.25 paella



Paella for dinner Friday






my organized mess






beautiful view in the neighborhood








my drive home yesterday



Thanks to Michelle, Angela, Nicole and Tanya for a great weekend!  (Sorry I didn’t get to visit more Kelly!!)

Now it’s time to prepare some holiday notes to share with friends and family.  I skipped last year, but plan on sending out at least some photos this season.  Have you checked out all the fun cards available this year?  If not, take a look at these sites:

Clark Color
Becky Higgins
Tiny Prints

I hope you enjoy a fantastic week!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Updates and Snow Fun

I have my laundry room back after a few days of painting, building and flooring.  While I didn’t mind the break from washing clothes for days, it was sure nice to get caught up with all the dirty laundry created around this place.
Sarcastic smile
Here is what my area looks like now – there are a few more updates to be made in time, but what a change!



We woke up to about 6 inches of snow Sunday morning.  Auntie was visiting, and she suggested we all go outside to shovel the driveway.  (If it wasn’t for her, I would probably still have snow there because shoveling is NOT one of the things on my “favorite stuff to do” list!  Thanks Auntie …)

After church, we met up with friends and went sledding.  How fun was THAT?!  Fun I tell ya … bunches!!!

Here’s the group as I look to the top of the hill:


Jarrett did a face plant when attempting a “run and jump” on the sled – sounds like a recurring theme for this boy …

Payton and buddy Logan loved the snow boarding – but not so much my taking photos …


Here’s to a fun day for you filled with experiencing joy in the small things for those little things are what life is truly made of!