Monday, October 3, 2011

Keeping up with daily posts

In my effort to keep up with posting on the blog daily, I offer you the following update on the current construction project: mud and tape and mud and tape and more mud.


There are no photos for today.  There isn’t much news.  Much was accomplished in terms of mommy duties and work duties and all the other duties that I’m not quite sure how to categorize.

Watching Payton during basketball practice was fun.  I’m amazed that kids at this age can actually pay enough attention to begin to understand the game.  It’s great to see!  There are no Michael Jordan’s out on the court let me tell you, BUT there is hope.  And that’s where it all starts.

I look forward to another day tomorrow – a beautiful fall day in Alaska where the temperatures are cooling off, but the sun still shines and reminds us of life all around.

Enjoy your week!!

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