Sunday, October 9, 2011

Clear skies ahead

This is the view from my office as I type:


Looks like a beautiful clear day here in Anchorage so far.  Amazing weather for an amazing part of the world.  Alaska at it’s finest!


Things are moving along smoothly with the “remodel” that’s underway in the Gage Household.  I painted the back wall in the kitchen so I could get behind the oven since Dad had it pulled out.



There’s an interesting story … early on in this project, we realized that the fan over the stove didn’t vent outside.  Where did it vent?  Not totally sure.  Maybe it “re-circulated” the air.  Maybe.

Or, maybe not.


Yes, you guessed it.  The fan didn’t vent anywhere!!  Well, it blew air to the bottom of the cabinet right above it.  REALLY???!!!  Look at the horrible wiring job … and the holes in the wall?  Yup.  Looks like original construction.


I sure hope I don’t find out who did the electrical on this house when it was built.  They used the fan – yes the fan above the stove – as some kind of hub for the wiring … but didn’t insert a junction box.  They just threw the wires in the wall.


Thank goodness for Dads!!!


On Friday evening, a group gathered with me at the cemetery to christen Alan’s stone – the monument that was set in his honor.  It was a wonderful gathering – many jugs of Crown were passed around – yes, even amid the “alcohol prohibited” signs.  It had to be done.


I keep thinking that it will be easier to go there now that the stone is set. 

What am I saying??? 
It sucks.  It just sucks  Period. 
There is nothing “easy” about going to this place.

Every day I am reminded that he isn’t with us any more.  Every morning when I wake, every time I look at the boys, every time I have to make a decision about our family, every time I walk in our closet, every time I go to garage, or grab a glass of ice or do laundry …

Part of me smiles and is happy that he is around always.  Then another part of me is pretty darn mad that I’m doing this by myself - he isn’t here doing this with me.

Time helps … as they say … I don’t know who “they” are, but I haven’t figured out yet if they’re right.


It’s still going to be a good day.
The sky is clear and the sun will shine.
The boys will play and learn and grow.
And hopefully I will create something memorable …

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