Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beautiful Day

Yesterday, the last day of September,
was one of the most beautiful fall days
we’ve had this year …
in MY opinion.

After a morning appointment, Jarrett and I took a drive (truth be told, I drove and he just watched a movie in the back seat).  We headed south and went past Potter Marsh just a ways, then turned around and I took this photo at the marsh.  There were swans right at this very spot on our drive down, but I couldn’t find them on our return.


This is the second photo I took of this view …
After I played with a few settings on the small camera I used,
it is the photo I liked the best.

We all know that winter is coming
regardless of our desire to witness it yet again.
This photo was taken near Elmore and Rabbit Creek.
A beautiful display of the powder creeping down the mountains.



The kitchen looks different again.  This photo was taken just this morning and LOOK – no hole in the ceiling!


Dad hung sheetrock yesterday (and I only helped hold it up while he put everything in place).  He also stayed for dinner last night.  No photos (darnit!), but we grilled on the back deck.  Steaks were good, but I think I’ll stick with meat from Costco instead of the local grocery stores.  Lesson learned.


Before I sign off, I’ll share something that made me smile yesterday … Jarrett quiet … something we don’t experience very often around these parts.


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  1. Your kitchen looks so good already = where is all the sheet rock dust? Agree that it was the best fall day we've had a few to pick from also:)I snapped couple pictures from back porch-should of drove to Potters! HaHa! scotch tape---make sure it doesn't get mixed up with duck tape next time-OUCH!


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