Thursday, September 29, 2011

Looking Forward

It’s no secret … my children like the music of AC/DC.  While I totally smile at that and enjoy it with them of course, there are times when I know it’s probably a bit early for some of the language they are hearing.  The fact that they love all kinds of music is totally wonderful and amazing!!!

When I heard Jarrett ask for one of their songs yesterday, I had to stop and make a note of the words he chose … LOVE LOVE LOVE this kid!!!!  Now tell me … do you know what song he’s asking for?

“ … play that song where that boy said that bad word and that girl cleaned the motor …”


Update … the marker was recently installed for Alan, and I’m so happy to see it.  (Truth be told … I should say “I’m so happy to see that it’s all correct!” … I was a little stressed about having to get something fixed.)

I have stopped by a few times to look … and touch it … and read it … let it all sink in.  Wednesday evening after dinner at church, the boys and I picked up the Custers to go see it.  All the boys ran around and played, but they did get a good look at the stone – and of course loved seeing their handprints.  Here is a photograph:


And the back looks like this:


That is the view you can see from the road as you drive by.

I do think it feels different for me now when I visit the cemetery … maybe because he was such a big presence when he was here, I felt empty going there and seeing nothing to represent him.  This doesn’t do him justice by any means, but at least it’s something … it tells just a very small bit about him … and it’s a place to go to “be” with him in a sense.

I feel better knowing that there is something there for our family and friends – and especially the boys – to be able to visit.


Here are a few photos of what the kitchen looks like today … new lighting … woohoo!!!  Payton is checking out the floor joists above his head …


Here is the new lamp above my kitchen sink:


Today there were two trips made to the hardware store … first a new sink was purchased for the downstairs bathroom … later we bought some sheetrock to close up the hole in the kitchen ceiling. 

Grandpa Lee met me this morning to help pick up the new sink.  Then he stayed at the house a while to help me take things off the walls in preparation for new paint … it was mostly the dead stuff I needed help with. Winking smile  Thanks so much Lee!!

I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings. Thumbs up


This evening I made pesto in my VitaMix for dinner with pasta.  Can I just say YUM??!!???!!!  No, the boys didn’t eat it.  Why not you ask?  Well, of course, because it was green.  That must mean it’s good for you!

No matter.  They ate.  And they never go to bed hungry.  And in the morning after I make a full serving of hot cereal and toast with juice and fruit, they’ll ask for more.  Because they are growing boys.


And that just means that I get the good stuff, like pesto, all to myself!

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  1. So glad that Alan's marker came in correctly and is set in place. Good choices were made for both sides.
    Pesto looks wonderful- my friend Diana is in Italy and she had black ink from squid with her pasta- gross picture regardless she said it was delish!
    The orange light over your sink-sneaky peek of what all is changing!
    Keep up the blogging-


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