Tuesday, June 14, 2011

seriously thinking

do I have what it takes?

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do I have what it takes to hold these hands in my hand and lead them through this amazing journey called life?  as a parent, I think we worry about things too much sometimes … kids are much more strong and resilient than we give them credit for … remember when you were little?  weren’t you smarter than your parents?  I thought I was at times Smile

self-defeating thoughts creep into my mind time and time again because I don’t have their dad to bounce my thoughts off of any more … he’s not here to remind me that everything will be okay … that we’re going to be just fine … Alan was real good at not only keeping me on track, but being real … and giving me that little boost of encouragement I needed now and then

yesterday marked 16 months … and before I realized that anniversary, I went through a period of complete frustration and anger … releasing tension now and then is healthy … crying is very therapeutic … but confusion and emotion together are not good … I have mastered the combination of those two over the years …

so today is a new day – another opportunity to learn more and be better and smarter and make good choices despite what happened yesterday

make it the best day of your life!

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  1. Dalon, I am amazed that it has been 16 months and am amazed at your strength you have day in and out to face each new day. Your boys have a gift in their lives...it's you! You are to the boys what Alan was to you. Each time they wake up they look for you. Don't ever doubt yourself because every move you make will be with the best intentions. Love and take care of your self. I pray you will have moments that you can take time for yourself, when you can rest and feel like at the end of the day you did your very best. Lots of love from the Bell's! Amy


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